When will it be released?

vDinar will be released on 1st February 2018 for both serbocroatian and international users and miners. Its main target will always be the Balkans (with advertising and official softwares) but will also be mineable and spendable from foreign countries. vDinar will always be opensource and available to new developers. Keep following this web page or get in contact with us through our contact links to know all our latest news.

What is vDinar?

vDinar is a cryptocurrency faster than Bitcoin built from a Litecoin fork to provide a common currency to people from the Balkans, especially from the southern slavic area. It reminds of the old Dinar used during the 20th century in Yugoslavia as the common serbocroatian money.

How to obtain it?

The most common and preferred way is to "mine" them. What is mining? Mining means running a software on your computer which dedicates part of your memory to support our network and to confirm transactions. As you run this software you get rewarded with vDinars every time you accomplish to mine a block.