What is vDinar?

The main point of vDinar is to present cryptocurrency to an audience of South Slavs, to make it usable for average people usually not involved in digital technology. Not only a technology behind but an entire team ready to explain the way cryptocurrency works through articles and through presentations.

Why choose it?

The Southern Slavic area is, even if people rarely mention it, a very profitable cryptocurrency mining area which is in fact, full of miners. Many, many miners behind your average currencies are from there. At the same moment it is not a very useful thing, if not for investment targets, to handle cryptocurrencies in our area where there is no information at all about them. vDinar takes in mind this and tries to introduce itself, as a cryptocurrency which could also make them understand better the whole system, to local people from our area: through articles, visual content and explanations.

Is localization useful?

We all admire the beauty of globally used currencies, which is great indeed, but some middle steps could help the whole revolution include usually uninterested people and let them gradually understand what they got in front of them. Making cryptocurrencies with virtual and hypotethical countrylines could bring much more to the table and give a last opportunity to those who were skeptical about cryptocurrencies until now. vDinar has an easily reimplementable code one could retake for eventual new localized coins.

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